Friday, April 2, 2010

to friends

if you consider yourself to be my friend, then this is for you.

i love you, my friend.
i enjoy sharing good things with you.
i am here to hold your hand if need be.
i am here to shout with joy at your happiness.
i will always listen.
i treasure the times we walk side by side in the same direction
just as i treasure the times we are on different paths
for i know our paths will merge again someday.
sometimes, words aren't necessary.
we lift each other up by our very presence.
when i think of you it is with a smile.
and even when i don't hear from you often...or you, me...
know this, my friend.
i am still here.
and i miss you.

today is reconciliation day. and this is for my friends...all of you. let's do a better job of keeping in touch....i do miss you. life is too short to lose touch with those who have meant so much to us.

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