Thursday, January 5, 2012

fast forward

so. here it is, a new year. thanksgiving is but a faded memory. christmas and all the wonderful things surrounding it have passed. a new year has begun. so many things i could've posted about but the truth of it just wasn't in me. so i chose to fast forward through the entire holiday season, special tho it is to me, straight into the new beginning of a new year.
2012. if i had the gift of being able to see what you hold, would i want to know? no. i don't think i would ever want to be able to see into the future. given the gift of a superpower, that would most definitely and without question be one i would NOT choose. i believe we are given what we need at the time we need it. that includes being able to cope with situations at hand.
2012. i welcome day at a time. i welcome you with confidence and anticipation of what you hold.
i've given some thought to what my word will be for this year. i almost chose CAN. it is affirmative, strong, empowering...but instead, i chose TRUTH. it is something of a more personal i need to keep, heed, seek and accept. there is one particular aspect of my life in which i am most disappointed in myself, simply because i have been unable for whatever reason to speak up and share the truths i know. i acquiesce far to easily to the wishes of others, often neglecting myself and my own desires. that sounds immensely selfish, i'm sure. but in holding truth in my heart, in remembering it every day, in acting in it, standing in it, in seeking and accepting it, i hope to take some major steps forward in this new year.
the surprising truth of that is this, simply.....i do not fear the new year. i feel there will be some changes, most certainly, but i have a sense of anticipation about that...almost an excitement. so in this new year.....truth.

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  1. I like the word TRUTH. It's an honest word. I also like the word "excitement" in you last sentence. If you anticipate excitement it will be there. Lets think on this and make it the best year of all.
    Happy New Year to you.