Friday, May 10, 2013


....I've had some of the strangest dreams lately....and I actually remember them...good ones that seemed so real....and in the oddest chronological order....the order they would happen in "real life".  Night before last I dreamed I sold my house and land...I can remember even the details. A lady  bought it. I remember asking, when we closed on the deal, if it was real because I'd been waiting so long. And I remember in the dream, I went to visit the house later and she was there...and I have no clue who "she" is. And last night, I dreamed I was in another house that was mine....I've never seen it was older, but nice...and I remember picking out the space that would be my studio area....there were lots of windows in a row. And it was night when I was there, because I could see out the window and it was dark out. I was being shown around by someone...given a tour, it seems.
 Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever have a dream and remember it for a long time, only to be "in that place" later on?  It's happened to me. I've been in places and gotten the oddest feeling....looked around and thought, "I've been here before...or I've dreamed about this place." I dreamed several years ago that I was in a place I'd never been, but it had an open upstairs area, like a balcony, that went all the way around...I remember seeing people walking up there. I was there with some people I knew, but others I was acting like I was friends with but didn't recognize. I remember thinking later "What kind of place would I be in that's like THAT?!"
A couple of years later....I made some new friends, one of whom had an idea to open a store of vintage, handmade, antiques, re-funked cool stuff.  She asked me to have a space there. And the place I had seen in my dream? .....It looked just like the inside of Purple Pig Emporium, where I now have a space and sell my lovelies.  I think dreams are like little windows that every so often open so we can see coming attractions. I'd like that believe those things I dreamt are going to happen.  It does give me hope.

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