Monday, May 20, 2013


You know how some folks have to always be going somewhere or having to do this right now or rushing around? I am so thankful I enjoy simplicity. I am glad I was raised at a time and by parents who enjoyed simple things like walking in the yard looking at the flowers. Or checking out the garden to see what might be ripe and ready to pick. Or just sitting on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and watching the birds at the feeder.
I am one who now enjoys her quiet....who appreciates the simplicity of her life.  I love having the windows open, the cool morning air and  sunshine streaming in. I love working in natural light...near the French doors or by a window is perfect. I don't care to have the television on...I sometimes don't even care to turn on the lights in the daytime if I can work near a window. I can be happy just sitting on the porch reading or working, a glass of sweet tea with lemon nearby, content in my simple quietness. I've told folks I am easily entertained, and it's true. I don't have to have a list of plans when I go on vacation, an itinerary of 95 places to go in 2 days. No. I love to travel, to see new things....don't get me wrong. But if I am at the beach, for example,  and it rains, I have no problem with that. I have a book or a project with me no matter where I go, so I'm fine. Others? Not so much. They are like caged animals, needing to get out and go and do. I just shake my head.  Move out to the porch....just sit and listen to the rain. Have a cup of coffee and watch the ocean. Look for dolphins. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and relax.  Think about what you choose to do with your time. I've heard the complaint "Yeah we went to _____ but we didn't DO anything." So? Yes, life is all about what you do. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to do simple things, because they can give you just as much joy as all the grand plans. We have to enjoy being with ourselves, though, spending time with just you. Maybe that's where the problem comes in...maybe some people don't like just being with themselves. I don't know. But I do know this...I, for one, was taught to appreciate and enjoy a simple life for a reason. Maybe I'm just now beginning to see how important that really is. And my goodness, I like it.

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