Tuesday, June 25, 2013

trust the process

it is so simple to say the words, but far more difficult to actually do.
trust the process.
the "right now" may not be as we would choose. we've sadly become such an impatient society with a need for immediate gratification. but in the big picture, it's exactly as it should be....unless...
unless we aren't being true to ourselves. if we know there is something we should be doing, and we aren't doing it...then the process isn't flowing as intended. to trust the process means to do the things you know you are meant to do, to live intentionally and authentically, one day at a time...and trust that with each day, things are falling into place as God intended for your life.
it is a process....a series of  events and choices. it takes time. it gets aggravating and frustrating when the pieces just don't seem to fit. that's usually when we've gotten off the path we were intended to follow.
trust the process. sometimes it's a long way down the path before we see how it all fits together.

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