Tuesday, August 6, 2013


what are you waiting for.....someone to give you permission?
someone to tell you it's ok to be afraid but that it's going to be ok anyway?
if you know what you need to do and don't do it, what are you showing to those who are watching? you're showing that fear wins. and that is not....NOT...acceptable. you must not let others suck the life out of you while you give and give, or allow them to snuff out your joy because they choose to let their own doubt and fear and lack of motivation win....and because YOU won't stand up and do what you know you need to do.
so....I ask again....what ARE you waiting for? things to get worse? that one thing that will be the deal breaker....and how many times, exactly, has that already happened? things don't have to be lined up in "just so" order.
do it. do it now. what is happening is because you are allowing it to continue without speaking up...standing up.
people can't live two lives. it's time to choose. be honest....which life is the one you really want? then here's your permission......GO GET IT!!
nothing will ever change if nothing changes. simple as that. so do what you must....and do it now. don't wait. you must begin now to do the thing which you think you can't. and yes, it will be ok. it's always been ok.

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