Monday, March 16, 2009

Need color...Need sun....Need blue sky!!!

OH...MY...GOSH...the sun needs to come, right NOW!!!! I feel like someone threw a wet washrag over the top of us and we can't shake it off. I need I know, the rain will bring them)...I need blue sky, and sunshine....and I need to be able to walk to the mailbox without coming back looking like a drowned rat! I need to be able to walk in the backyard and not feel like I'm walking on a sponge! The poor dog hasn't been out of his house in days. ENOUGH with the rain already. And yes, I know...we'll be glad later on this summer that we had all this rain...we'll be glad when the gardens grow...except it's beginning to look like all we'll be able to have is a rice paddy...and we'll be glad when the wells don't go dry, and when we don't have to have water restrictions...and it's good for the ducks...I know all that. But I also know this: IT ..IS..TIME..FOR..THE..SUN..AND..BLUE..SKY!!! glub glub glub.....

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