Tuesday, September 22, 2009

random thoughts

.....to be able to be in a place where at night it is so dark you can see every twinkling, sparkling little star....and feel so close to them that you think you can reach up and pluck one from the sky, tuck it in your pocket and take it home. but then...what would you do with it? would you give it away or keep it? and who...who would be the one lucky enough to receive it from you ?
....can you imagine being in a place where the only sound you hear is the rustling of the breeze...or the whisper of the water in the stream...or the birds as they chitter back and forth...where it is quiet enough that you can hear your own heart beat? is there really a place like that? and where...where is it? can i find it?
...where would you go if you could jump from the life you have now and land anywhere...ANYWHERE in this world? and who would you be when you got there? would you be the person you are now...or would you be someone different? if you could choose....

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  1. hey sweet thing - how did i forget that you have a blog?!
    this is beautiful.....xo