Monday, October 5, 2009

Owls...and other things

Friday night I was lying in bed relaxing, replaying the day in my head, the television was on low....and I heard it...then I heard it again. The television was hurriedly turned off...I dared not breathe for fear I would miss it if it happened again. And it did...somewhere in very close proximity to the the house were 2 owls.....and they were carrying on a conversation that had me mesmerized. I could hear one farther away, with a slightly different tone to his/her voice....then in just a few seconds came the reply from the owl that was closer to the house. One would hoot, then the other, then the first....on and on for what seemed the longest time. It was wonderful to just lie there and listen...and I found myself getting annoyed when a car would pass, because then I couldn't hear them! A few times they both hooted together and it was amazing....almost as if the first didn't answer quick enough to suit the other! The moon has been full the past few nights, lighting up the yard just enough that I think I could've gone out to the porch, but I was afraid they would hear the door and fly off. So I just patiently laid there...and listened. And when I closed my eyes, I thought "This is what it would be like...quiet enough to hear the distant hooting of the owls...with the full moon giving just enough light to see...where even my breathing seems to make too much noise".....and in my mind, I was know the place...the place you dream of in your conscious and unconscious states....the place you allow your mind to visit right before sleep...that place where you long to be. I was there....wrapped in a bright blue fleece with snowflakes embroidered on it, sitting in the rocker on the porch of my log cabin...right before I slept.... listening to the owls.

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