Friday, December 18, 2009

beautiful snow

Today has been busy.....not a lot unlike most other days recently, but today has been a different kind of busy. You see, it's been snowing here today....all day...big, fat, heavy snowflakes that have stuck to everything!! The wind has been blowing and it is cold, cold, cold!! And tonight, with the Christmas lights and decorations on and the snow falling around it....oh my, it is beautiful! The "busy"-ness of today was partly due to the impending snow. The forecast changed last night and I knew there were some things that HAD to be done today...for, as usual, I had procrastinated and left them to the very last minute. And of course, there were the spur-of-the-moment wonderful it would be to bake all day Saturday while the snow piles up outside (which meant a trip to the grocery...not so smart when a major snowstorm is in the offing!) great it would be to know I had mailed the packages to all the places far and wide(so off to the Post Office I ran!) delicious a big pot of homemade chili beans would be when a snowstorm rages. All those things got done today. And tomorrow, I will bake and make chili beans and not worry one tiny bit about packages that might not make it to their appointed destination in time. I will wrap gifts...and make a valiant attempt to finish others! And I will look forward to Sunday...when hopefully, the snow will no longer be a travel concern, and family begins to arrive. I have loved this day...and I look forward to tomorrow...and the next day...and the next....and all the tomorrows after that!

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