Monday, December 14, 2009

just some thoughts

i know...two posts in one! but i've been thinking a bit during the day and there are some things i want to put out there. as people get older, we tend to start asking questions about our lives...the kind of questions that don't really have answers, but make you think....well...maybe some of them do have answers, but they're the kind of answers that only you need to your own head and in your own heart. like these, for example:
when you leave this earth, will it make a difference to anybody? will they miss you? will they remember you at special times and speak of you fondly to others? will there be a hole in their lives that can't be filled because you were the kind of person that can't ever be replaced? did you live the kind of life that makes others want to be like you? what words do you think they will use to describe you and your life? what will be "the story" they will always tell...always remember...that will always make them laugh...or at least, make them smile? will their hearts always be so full of you that they will never forget?
if you wonder about any of the answers...or if you question yourself enough to doubt, then do something about take the steps necessary to ensure that you will never be forgotten. what will that be? i can't answer that for's different for each person. but i do know this...if there is anything you even remotely think you will be sorry for not doing, not trying, not saying...make it right. you know that old saying..."it's now or never"...just do it. after all, the hardest person in this world to live with is yourself. or...if there is someone you need to say that very thing to...that they are important enough to you that your life would be changed forever without them...say it. it may be just the thing they need to hear....from you.
i have no clue why this is what came out of my head today...i do believe i've made enough of a difference to enough people that i will be missed greatly. and the list of those in my life that have had such an influence on me that, were they to go today, my life would be forever changed?...oh my, that list is miles long. and if you are reading are on that list. may your christmas and your new year be filled with peace and love and all good things. and may all your wishes and dreams come true. xoxoxo

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