Monday, December 14, 2009

what a difference a day makes!

goooood morning! and thank heavens, i say! yesterday was so cold and rainy and gray, it was difficult to function anywhere near normal. this year we bought an inflatable snowman for the yard and yesterday it rained so much he was waterlogged and wouldn't even inflate! it did the same to seeped into my brain, that grayness, and made my mood equally seemed to put a blanket over the joy of the season...over my joy. but today....TODAY! yesssss! it is sunny and the sky is blue and the grayness has lifted to make room for the joy to grow. it is time for the sights and sounds and smells of the season...the twinkly giggles of christmas! the goodies handchosen and handmade for certain someones...the recipes from years past, relived and remembered, baked for family and friends.....ornaments handmade and those from trips gingerly hung from not one but two trees! i do so love christmas....and when i come out from under the blanket that covers me some days and realize what i've missed, what i have to rejoice about, what i still have to give and share...well it makes me think i have no time to waste being sad and drippy and focused on the past....i have now. i have tomorrow, god willing...i have friends and family who love me and who i adore beyond description. in this life, right now....i have enough to be happy about from now until the end of time. it can will be...a merry christmas!

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