Friday, December 4, 2009

Many good things

I absolutely, positively love the month of December. I know, I is busy and people get cranky and plan too much and have so much "stuff" going on they can't (or don't) really sit back and enjoy it...but I still love it. Why? It is a month of many good things. It is when winter really takes hold of things...and sometimes we are lucky enough to get some snow. Yes, I do love snow. Have you ever noticed how much quieter it is outside when the snow is falling...or how hushed things seem with snow on the ground? Have you seen that beautiful red cardinal sitting on the holly covered in snow? Next time it snows, just go outside and stand in it...and listen....and look, really look at how beautiful it is. You will notice a difference. It is wonderful!
And of course, there's Christmas! People say Christmas is for children, but I say, let the child inside you enjoy it. Sure, we're "all grown up"...but that shouldn't mean we lose our joy. It shouldn't mean we bury the excitement of the season. Unleash your inner child and enjoy Christmas! And all the wonderful things that go along with time, the lights and the smells and the music...the baking and the cards...and so much more. Take the time to sit back in front of the fire and think about what Christmas really means. Have a giving soul. Put your hands to work and make something for someone instead of standing in line at the store or running up the credit card bill. What you make with your hands comes from the is the act of giving a part of yourself. In the quiet, remember Christmases past and smile. Read the REAL Christmas story from the book of Luke, Ch. 2. Read it out loud to your family. Pull a child into your lap and talk to them about Christmas. We could all probably stand to learn a thing or two. See that child-like wonder...wrap your arms around it and hope, hope that it is contagious!
December is also a time of taking stock of the year past. What did I do that was good and right? What did I do that I need to learn from? What can I do better? What can I change? Answer the questions honestly. Look at the person in the mirror and make a promise for the coming year.
Yes, I do love December. A time of change...a time of giving, a time of hope and believing in magic and miracles. A time when it truly is OK to have that child-like joy of the season. When it snows, get out and play in it! When you hear Christmas music, sing along! When you see an old friend, hug them! Laugh out loud! Eat a cookie...and another! Make it fun! Find your joy!

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