Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

December 1. Wow. Where did the year go?! And what a year it has been. Let me just say I, for one, am truly looking forward to 2010...there are some really good things to look forward to, for sure, but mainly I am looking forward to it because it will mean that 2009 is finally over..done...gone...kaput. I can look toward another year and hope...and dream...and be excited at the prospect of good things happening...of a new beginning. Unfortunately, 2009 was quite the opposite. On day 1 of 2009, I knew what the year would hold...and it was not good. I will not dwell on that, however. It is sad to remember a whole year as bad because of one or two monumentally bad things that happened. So...let's move on...bring on 2010...I welcome it with open arms!
But, my friends...(I use plural just in case more than 1 person reads this, which I highly doubt!)...we still have the entire month of December to look forward to. And I do look forward to it, truly, deeply, excitedly, just as a child might. There are so many things to look forward to...the baking (Mom's recipes, of course), the music, the candles and decorations and lights, the joy of experiencing Christmas as a child does, the giving....and hopefully, snow. I challenge you to wish out loud every day from now 'til Dec. 25 for a white Christmas. Just say it...whisper it to the heavens as many times as you think of it..."white Christmas"..."snow for Christmas"....it would be perfect, don't you think? A gift from above that requires no shopping or wrapping or credit card bill...that would make so many children (and yes, adults!) so very happy...that would leave memories for them to tell their children in years to come...who wouldn't want that? Hmm?

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