Tuesday, January 12, 2010


it is harder than i thought to come up with multiple things about me that are relatively unknown facts. first, i suspect not many people really care. and second, i am not all that complicated. so here are a few things to ruminate on, since i doubt i will be doing this every day. if you are really that interested in little known facts about me, you should probably get a life...no offense, but there are multitudes of more important things you could be finding out about! on the other hand, thanks for being interested! ;)
i love butterflies. when you get to the age where it's all downhill from here, you can really appreciate the whole "going into the cocoon and coming out a butterfly" aspect. it is very cool.
i do not like being in situations where i am the one in the middle of two completely opposite trains of thought, especially when i can see valid points to both sides....and why do there have to be "sides" anyway?
i need a storage/studio area that is all mine in which to work and store my supplies. it needs a window, electricity and heat. nothing fancy, just....enough.
when i lay down to go to sleep at night and close my eyes, i usually fall asleep dreaming i am somewhere else...i pick a picture i've seen of a house for sale in the mountains...or even at the beach...and fall asleep thinking of what it would be like to be there. and no, i do not want to know what that means psychologically...i think i probably already know.
i need to learn how to post pictures on this place. i have lots of them to share...and some of them are really good!
i enjoy the times i have to myself...i like my quiet and i like the things i've chosen to do with my time. i love the books i've chosen to read, the things i've learned to make with my hands, the music i listen to, the things i write...i love doing all of that...and having the freedom to choose what i want to do on this day, at this time.
it takes a lot to learn how to give up that time...when one has had it for so long...i am still trying to learn how to do that. i think i may be a sloooooow learner, for some days it feels as if i am clawing and scratching to hang on to a thread of it. and in truth, i do not like that. i like the freedom to choose, to be, to think and decide....and i get very annoyed with myself when i see that i have given that up...when i see that i have let another have that much control over who i am. that is why, in an earlier post, i said these words....i claim me.
and that is enough....for today.

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