Saturday, January 9, 2010

need changes.......

i need some change in my life, i do believe. i am warring with myself about simple little no-brained decisions and choices as:
should i let my hair grow out so that it's all one length or should i go ahead and get it cut so it's easier to take care of? i have already decided to forego any further coloring of my hair.....i earned the gray. it is as much a statement about me as anything else. so....natural color it is.
should i get that second hole re-pierced in my ear? probably not.....just like i can't wait to see how all these folks covered with tatoos look when they're ninety and wrinkled, i think over 50 i should probably think of simplicity.
can i really learn to like green tea? perhaps.....with time. but i will have an extremely difficult time finding substitutes for all those sweets i love.....really gotta work on that one.
what kind of new glasses should i get? now this one still has me stumped....
and more.
it's all so.....shallow sounding. but those are some of the first decisions...choices really...that i will make in this whole "steppingoutofthebox" kick i'm on. i don't know if it's age or the fact that i have learned over the years that i enjoy being independent...or if it is my subconscious way of fighting back at the toll life in general takes on us....but whatever it is, i think i just may like it. my life is nothing if not predictable....maybe it is time to raise a few eyebrows....including my own...time for a few "atta girl", "way to go", "you did what?!", "oh my goodness, no you did not" moments. hang's gonna be quite a ride!! ;)

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