Friday, January 8, 2010

muuuuuuch better

i don't know how many have read any of these posts...i know a few do, but in the last year i have had less than 10 total comments about anything i have written here. now granted, some may have tried to email me, and as i've written in my profile, i do not always open emails from unknown sources. if any have tried to email me and i haven't responded...i am sorry...and i truly thank you for both reading and trying to contact me. and some have spoken to me in person that they read these words...thank you, also. i am new to this blogging thing and have yet to learn how to post pictures or links...some things that i hope to learn this year. i think it will make things a bit more interesting. and i will tell you this....i am not completely comfortable with this blogging as of yet. there are so many things i want to say...and i suppose i should just go ahead and put them "out there" since it appears few read here anyway. but i am a believer that words are things you can't get back once they're gone. and in truth, my feelings and thoughts are just feelings and thoughts. it is difficult to open up and let true, raw thoughts and emotions and wishes and dreams out for all the world to see (even if in this world, that's only a few!) i applaude those who have been doing this long enough to just let the words fly. i want to be more open like that, but there is a very private side to me that has secrets and dreams and wishes and fears that i'm not comfortable putting into words here...and i'm not sure i ever will be. it's nothing deep and dark, mind's just things that, if i put into words and fling them out, everyone who is here in this place will know everything there is to know about me and i'm not so sure i like that. but i am going to try an that, for me, is outside the box a bit. for some of you this will appear, i'm sure, like a trifling little thing, but for me, it is probably going to prove to be a daunting task. each day i am going to reveal something here about myself...something that is not common knowledge. i know that may sound soooo self-centered, self-important, but i have come to the conclusion that in order to do what i have hopes and dreams of doing, i must step outside the box more.....often enough that it becomes almost the norm. i must warts and all....good, bad and there.
today, i will tell you this...i have determined that one of my most intolerable pet peeves is someone who believes that the rules don't apply to them. that it doesn't matter what rules you break as long as you don't get caught. that the problem isn't in actually breaking the rule but in getting caught breaking it. and this i can also tell is most difficult to sit back and wait for the train wreck that is inevitable. my advice on that?...always know where the exits are. the door that let you in is the same door that can let you out.

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