Monday, January 4, 2010

new....all things new

it is a new year. that whole concept of "new" has a little sparkle of excitement, don't you think? "new and improved" for example....or "newer, faster, better"....all those lines you hear when people with perfect white teeth are hawking their wares on television. i've always been one to subscribe to the theory that newer isn't necessarily better, but when it comes to 2010, i certainly hope i am wrong. i do sincerely hope that 2010 is "new and improved" and "newer, faster, better" all rolled into one!
i am one who must be psychologically ready for change. i investigate and consider and plan and think to a fault, literally. and i feel primed for change. when i started this blog a year ago, it was with the purpose to promote positive thinking. i believe, for the most part, that i have accomplished that, and it is something i plan to continue. positive thinking is not something that one is born must be cultivated, seeds planted, thoughts provoked, dreams supported, wishes voiced, shared with as many as will listen. and even sometimes, then, it is most difficult to see or think or act in a positive manner. it requires a tough hide and conscious effort, it does, because seeing the glass half full as opposed to half empty is not easy when one is extremely thirsty. in this new year, i do still pledge to myself to see life in as positive a way as i humanly can...simply because it is too precious, this life, to waste time we can never get back...doing and acting in a way that is anything less than thankful and excited about just another day. or another hour. it is just as simple as that, really. a new year. to do with as we choose. to follow our hearts' desire. to share. to leave a mark on this earth and with those we love. another new year. like a huge gift waiting to be unwrapped, it is!! and this year, i want nothing more than just enough. enough: as much as is needed. that's all we need for this year. enough. think about it. a whole year with enough of everything we need. a year of plenty. a year of enough good things. how grateful and thankful we should be if, indeed, that wish comes true. that wish for enough.
i feel a sense of anticipation with the coming of this new year. i said before that i felt primed for change, and that may well be, but i look forward to this year because it holds the promise of good things. of course we never know the future, but it helps to start this year on a positive note. i could make one of those new year's resolutions, but i prefer to make a wish. i like this, from a little book called "It's Never Too Late...172 simple acts to change your life." by patrick lindsay.
"It's never too late to make a wish. Take a walk on the bright side. Wishes cost nothing. They're your little secret. A journey into your heart, which often clarifies your true feelings, turns them into visualizations, then often sees them become reality."
so....go ahead....make your wish.

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