Wednesday, March 31, 2010

all things new

it is an absolutely beautiful day. the sun is warm, there are no clouds, there is only the slightest breeze tickling my is a good day to be.
and on this glorious spring day, there is change in the air. it started a while back in me, as the breeze...gentle and just barely tickling. and with each passing day, as the sun warms and the days grow longer, it continues to blow, this wind of change.....some days it is strong and fierce...others, slow and gentle...but continuing to tickle me, all the same. it is exciting, with much anticipation......the kind of feeling that makes you want to shout out loud for no reason at all just because you can....that tells you it is ok to sing along with the radio when it is at full blast and the car windows are down. almost as if there is a celebration afoot....the celebration of spring; of surviving winter intact and coming out all the stronger for it. and this change...? something i still can't quite put my finger's like those first little rumblings of hunger...when you know you're starting to get hungry but you're not starving yet. yes...that's a craving you still haven't quite satisfied. i have never been one to welcome sudden abrupt changes with open arms. when i have to, i handle it fine. but when given a choice, i prefer to take the time to prepare myself mentally, emotionally, psychologically, etc.
that said, within the past few weeks i have been completely unafraid to make some changes....those that are within my power to make right now, at least.....and that is completely unlike me. i have a new haircut.....big deal you say? yep it surely is. i have had some semblance of the same do for years and years. now? it is short short short. i like the ease of it, but i'm not at all sure it is the best cut for me. but it is different and that's what i wanted...change.
there is also, as of last night, a new car parked in the garage. a cute little sassy 2011 hyundai sonata.....irredescent pearl gray/blue. granted, another car was necessary, what with the untimely death of hubby's ride....but he has taken my car to finish wearing it out...and the new one is mine. :) i was so ready for that change.
but there is more. i went shopping. new clothes..."change it up time" i said.
and next? new glasses, i believe.....something fun and not so plain......
and then there's that sign in front of my house.....the one that says "FOR SALE" .
and after that?......depends on which way those winds of change are blowing...
we shall see.....the strangest thing is....i have not one ounce of fear, trepidation, anxiety...nope...nada. just anticipation of what is to's like i just realized life is out there, not in here...and i want more and more and more of it.

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