Monday, March 29, 2010


well...let me begin by saying there were tornadoes all over these parts last night, but all is well here. foggy, rainy, cool...not very spring-like today, but that's ok. later in the week, when it warms into the 70's, we will see the benefits of this rain. spring will be bustin' out all over! :) oh yes---happyme!
i have been busy having fun lately. shopping with my niece, family dinner with my dad and daughter and her family, new projects nearing completion. i can't remember if i've said here, and frankly it doesn't matter if i have, i'll say it again. did you know my daughter melissa is expecting her second child in late july or early august? and did you know it's a GIRL??!!! :) they already have a wonderfully precious little boy, mason, and now....bayly grace will arrive in the summer. right around my birthday, in fact. :) i've already started going through my fabrics trying to choose this for that and these for those. my sewing machine will be whirring soon!
i've spent more time...before the storms...just looking outside, watching the progression of spring in these parts....which, in case you're "not from around here" as we say, is central north carolina...mcleansville, to be exact. almost overnight i have noticed the blush of green in the trees, the little spurts of color where the bulbs are blooming. i'm sure i've spoken of this, but it is just amazing to me, this birthing of spring. the changes that take place literally overnight make me wonder how some can question miracles. spring is like the unwrapping of a gift. and i absolutely unquestioningly love it!
i love how grounded it makes me feel to put something in the dirt and watch as it peeks out and begins to grow. i love checking on my flowers each day and watching them open up slowly until they are fully open, petals stretching toward the sun. i suppose i got this love of all things growing from my dad and mom. we always....always had a garden when i was growing up. there were fresh vegetables all summer and flowers almost all year long. it is immensely satisfying to sit down to a plate of fresh vegetables and know that only your hands have touched them...that you didn't have to go any further than your own backyard to find dinner. and the flavor...oh my, it cannot be described! there is nothing better than that first fresh tomato. mmmm...yum. it won't be is already getting the first spring onions and has planted peas that are just up, young and tender. we have cut daffodils and camellias and hyacinths that make the whole house smell of fresh, crisp spring. the freshness of it all....being able to watch the growth.....i just love it! and i feel myself growing and changing in this time as well. as if all winter i've staying tucked under the dirt, ruminating and marinating, if you will....but now i too am sticking my head out and starting to grow and change. and it is all really is. today i'm soaking up the rain...tomorrow, the sunshine...all to keep growing strong and keep blooming. and now, as if on cue, i look out the window and the fog is appropriate. the fog is gone and everything is clear. i'd say that is a good start.

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