Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a good day

it is a good day here. the sun peeks out every now and then but it isn't too hot. there's a hint of a breeze tickling my face...enough that if i had not gotten such a short haircut recently, my hair would be blowing across my eyes. the birds have been visiting the feeders and i do believe there's yet another family of purple finches in the nesting basket at the end of the porch. my time here during the day, with relatively no mechanical distractions is such a peaceful time. i do not like daytime television, so to turn it on is a total waste of electricity. if i have the washer and/or dryer on, i am usually upstairs and can't hear it. i talk to myself, i talk to the cat. i may turn on the cd player...or not. i have been known to stand in front of the mirror and pretend the person looking back at me is whomever i am perturbed with at the moment (a short list)....and react accordingly.
the windows are open and i love that. i can hear the leaves rustle as they blow in the breeze. i can sit at the far end of the porch near the woods and no one can see me. that part of the porch wraps around the side of the house, you see. i can pretend i am somewhere else if i choose. it is, in my opinion, the best spot in this house, that place on the porch. in the morning, with my coffee and paper. during the day, with my book or needlework, or wire and beads. at night with my sweet tea. it is a good day when i can spend time there. i think it's important to have a place even if it is only one little spot, that you can go and just be. where no one expects anything of you and you can hide for a bit if you choose. or where, if you have a special project, you can go to work...or plan...or dream. or just to close your eyes and think. i'm glad i have that, even if it is just one little spot on the porch. today has been a good day. i hope you've had one. too.

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