Monday, May 10, 2010

well pump up the music and shout hallelujah!!!

i should do this post in red....because this is a red letter day, for sure and for certain!!! and...i will!

i hope you who read these words know what a monumental step this is for me. me....the one who was so shy in high school i was afraid to even speak to most folks. me....the one who still, to this day, breaks out in big red splotches when nervous. me...the one who puts my own wishes aside to avoid conflict and confrontation. i have done it.
for some it may not seem like much...and i'm sure i'll have to explain why i'm so excited to more than one person. so? today i learned that on saturday, june 12 i will be in my very first craft show/fair! the timing couldn't be any more perfect, for that is the very same week one year ago that my biggest supporter, my mom, went to heaven. it is as if i have literally been given a gift from the heavens...and i believe that is truly possible.
i have shouted and laughed out loud and danced around and driven with "daughtry" on full volume today...but the best?...the best will be tomorrow.....when i can stand face to face with someone and with a huge grin on my face say the words " i. told. you."
and the next day...when i spend all day in my studio....doing my job and loving it....and the day after that when i do the same...and then again and again. i have often prayed that i would be shown what path to follow; where to go and what to do. little did i realize that prayer had been answered and i was praying the wrong thing....i should've been praying that when i came to that path, that i wouldn't be afraid to walk down it; that my feet would move and i would, one step at a time, move forward into the dream....without fear. knowing i can.
happiness rules. of course i haven't been able to contain the wicked giggle that bubbles up now and again....and i don't think i'm gonna try! ;)

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