Friday, May 21, 2010

soooooo nice

these past few days have been so nice. it has been quiet, uneventful....i have been focused and am ever-so-proud at my use of self-control on these days. i have done what needed to be done, and i can say it is also what i wanted to do....the rest of the garden and my flowers planted, lots of jewelry made, cinnamon bread baked....and i still had time to sit on the porch and read. i spent almost no money, but decided to make do with what i had here to cook and make my treasures. it has been wonderful! the temperature has been perfect, the clouds finally parted and blue sky smiled down, a little breeze tickled my face....such days are sooooo nice. i'm reading a book written by dr. phil (no eyeball rolling or snickering's helping me a lot!)...titled "self matters...creating your life from the inside out". now admittedly this book has been out for a bit and when i first got it i just skimmed through it thinking "yeah, maybe" and i didn't really read know, like to chew on it and digest it and really think about it. i suppose it depends on the circumstances and frame of mind and events, etc surrounding the reader when they are reading a particular book, what their response to it will be. but this book is good for me. it talks about taking control...and how we came to give up control to start with...and how to make choices dependent on what our needs are instead of what others talks about how we so often make our decisions because of what we think others want us to do rather than what we want. i'm not anywhere near finished with it...and may re-read it again...but so far, it is fitting me like a glove! i've enjoyed it on the porch, with a tall glass of sweet tea (extra lemon. of course!)....and time got away with me, so...oops...i didn't cook dinner. :) doesn't bother me at all...leftover meat loaf suits me just fine! yes siree....these past few days have been sooooo nice. that life you's mine, you can't have it...and right now, i'm lovin' what i'm doin'...;)

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