Thursday, May 27, 2010

no idleness here

as i get older...and i have another birthday on the horizon in 2 months...another?!...didn't i just have one?!....i have come to the realization that time truly does fly. and it does seem to go much faster as we age...or at least it does for me. i now understand the whole "over the hill" concept....climbing the hill we were much younger and able to climb...but once you're "over the hill" you are going downhill at an alarming rate!! and you. are. flying. the days go by so quickly and i find myself literally cramming as much as i can into the time because i know....i know....that i will never get that time back. once it's gone, that's it...kaput...gone. and to me, it is such a travesty to waste one millisecond of it. life is about the living, yes?.....that dash in between. not the date you were born nor the date you leave this earth, but the time in between. what are you doing with it? i ask myself that question...and i can't remember all of the seven deadly sins, but i do believe idleness must be one of them....if it isn't it should be. we were given our time on this earth to be. living the life you imagined...the life of which you've dreamed...those are not my words, but someone else's...but they speak the truth. are you? am i? think of your car.....when it is idling, it is just sitting there with the motor running, but not going anywhere...not making any forward (or backward, for that matter) progress. i don't want to be just idling...just sitting with my motor running. i find there are so many things to do now that i've realized how quickly time is passing....things i've wanted to learn, places i've wanted to see, books to read, recipes to try, things to grow...but i've also found that the quiet is my friend. in quiet places i hide. there is a difference between being idle and being learning to listen. and in learning to listen, we learn to feel...we allow ourselves to listen to and feel what is going on in our truth, my mind gets to have a conversation with my heart. so when i say no idleness....i don't mean no quiet...or no "down time"...that is as necessary as air. but i mean that the works of my mind and the works of my heart must be evident in the works of my hands. and there has been no idleness here because i have allowed myself that luxury. and why?
well.....personally i believe in the power of prayer. i know, this seems like something out of left field in relation to what i was talking about a minute ago, but stick with me here, it will come full circle shortly. i could cite instance after instance where it has helped me, worked for me, etc, but i won't because that is my own personal belief. in praying recently, actually for the past few months, i have been seeking guidance, direction, answers to questions, validation,....the list could go on. and in recent months, i have become more aware of the numbers 1 and 11 that pop up all the time, everywhere. a few weeks ago in church, the message was from 1 thessalonians ch. 4 v.11&12. ok so...1 (there's that 1 again) thess. ch.4...and what verse...yes..v.11. and what did it say? i will quote directly. 1 thess., ch. 4., v. 11 & 12: "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands just as we told you. So that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."
and that, my friends, is all the answer i will ever need. and i'm doin' it...every day...because that's who i am...that's just me...and it will work...and it will be just fine. busy mind, busy heart, busy idleness here. hugs to you today...

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