Tuesday, June 8, 2010

re-grounded...if that's a word

i have, in recent months, thought of myself as heading full steam into what i had planned for the rest of my life. and make no mistake...i am still doing that. but in the past few days when i had some time for recollection and certain events transpired, i have realized that sometimes as we get older, good things and good people from our past resurface and when that happens it reminds me how very grounded i am. this past weekend, a tough one to be sure, i had the opportunity to connect with several old friends from high school and other times...not at a reunion, but just by happenchance. one, it turns out, is a real estate broker. imagine that...and here i am with house and land to sell....who upon knowing this, tells me "we'll figure something out". another is as into fabrics and sewing and crafts as i am...and we are planning a trip to a favorite fabric store in the mountains this summer....we used to be best of friends, she and i...we had gotten out of touch, and now that door is opened again. another is one who has had the moxy to step out on her own and start a business since i last saw her...a strong woman indeed. and it was so very good to see these friends, to know that they are succeeding at doing what their little hearts desire and being happy at it. it amazes me how when we think of "our past" we almost always tag the bad stuff. and granted, that is forevermore branded in my mind as well...but i cannot tell you the deeply good feeling that bubbled from my insides at seeing my friends again...talking to them.....feeling the strength and confidence, acceptance and sheer joy shoot from one to another like lightning bolts. and then i have the friend who stepped out and did something "just to see what would happen"...and got blown away by the support of her friends. and another, going through some very rough patches herself right now, shot an immediate email to me in response to one i had sent her, voicing her excitement and support in a new venture i begin this week. never ever underestimate the power of friends...the power of those from the past who were your "good things". they will, once again, bubble up and remind you from whence you came...of happy times...and it will be so tremendously welcome when it does happen. it will re-ground you....if that's a word. people are sent into our lives for a reason. sometimes it takes a while to figure out that reason, but to be sure....in time you just may see that they are the very foundation on which you stand...their shoulders...their arms lifting you up higher so you can see...and they do it willingly and without hesitation. because that's what friends do. they make sure you know how very grounded you really are. they travel with you down the road and hold your hand and wipe your tears and run beside you shouting support.....and they even wave to you to keep on going sometimes when they have to stop for a bit....but they will catch up later...on this journey through life. and knowing this makes it so much easier to take a step forward even if your footing is unsure. and you know...even if you fall, just take a look at all the hands that will be there...reaching to you...to help you up, make sure you're ok, and keep going with you. what an unbelievably blessed and humbling feeling that is. i am so thankful.

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