Friday, June 18, 2010


so many things going on these days, it's hard to let my mind "light anywhere" (as we say in the south) long enough to focus on one thing.
nineteen years ago this very week i was, with my mom and a few very close friends, working feverishly to clean the house that i had just needed it badly. it was (and still is) a very small house, but i was elated, for it was mine...all mine. there had been some rather large bumps in the road along the way that i thought may prevent me from ever owning a home, but i backed up, took a running start and drove right over those bumps straight into home ownership. i had two small children who were thrilled at having the chance to each have his/her own room, regardless of the size of said room....thrilled that we lived on the same street as some of their friends, thrilled at the big yard....things had finally begun to swing our way. we lived there until just daughter left for a while during her college years, came home, then got married. my son left when he started college and has come home "to visit"....but still makes his home in charlotte. and me? i moved almost 3 years ago....when i remarried. that little house i was so proud to have....the one i literally fought's the one i'm now so desperately hoping will sell...along with over 4 acres that goes with it. amazing, isn't i was once so completely, to-the-bone, over the moon about being able to buy...and now, hoping so to be able to sell. my, how time changes things.
and then there's the craft sale/show/fair....whatever terminology you prefer. it was last saturday, june 12th. and it. was. hot. not necessarily the sale itself, but the's been in the 90's here consistently for what seems like weeks, with no end in sight...and humid. if you're not familiar with the south in summer, let me enlighten you. it is something akin to putting a towel over your head then putting your head over a pot of boiling water.....only its all over...sometimes so thick it seems you can actually see it...and it is miserable. so no wonder, in conditions such as that, there were few people out wandering around craft sales last saturday. there were some rather uplifting and wonderful things that came of it, though. first, my cousin drove up from charlotte...and that's not just around the corner, folks...that's an hour and a half drive one way in good traffic. how cool is that?! second, i did make some sales....and in large part, it was to my facebook friends who came to support me! again, very cool! third, i got some info on a local farmers market that will let you set up a table for free if everything you have is either handmade or homegrown. cool! and lastly....before the sale i had set a modest amount that i would consider it a success if i made. i won't tell you the exact number, but i had ordered 2 beautiful charm necklaces that a dear friend was making and i didn't want to have to go into my saving to pay for them...although i would have, most willingly, just to have them! and what do you know? the amount i made at the craft sale was the exact cost of the two necklaces! next time i think i'll set a goal a bit larger...since apparently my wishes are heard...and maybe, oh, ask for enough to buy....hhmmm.....i'll think about that...can't be greedy, but....well..i'll think on it!
and then there's this thing about me becoming a grandmom again...daughter melissa is expecting child #2 (bayly grace!) within most probably the next month. and i must say, this whole" due date" thing is completely....well...a crock! baby will come when baby gets good and ready, doc! they should rename it "best guess" instead of "due date". and miss bayly seems to have her own agenda. i am so glad that school is out for melissa now and she doesn't have to be on her feet all day! miss bayly has already been causing some early contractions, and the little mama isn't supposed to lift any weight (mason included, which is hard to explain to an almost-3-year old!) and according to the dear doctor, since mason was about 3 weeks early, miss b probably will be, also. which means "due date" has changed from early august, to the first of august, to maybe late july, to most likely mid-july...see what i mean? "best guess". all i know is, from the first part of july to whenever she decides to make her grand entrance into this world, grammy (that's me!) will be somewhere within a short driving distance!
and between now and then?....i'm working on a surprise for miss bayly! i would tell you, but i think my dear daughter reads this....and it's a surprise for her too! ;) sshhhh!! gotta go get busy! have a good one! hugs....xo

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