Saturday, June 26, 2010

what a week

what a week.
i received wonderful things in the mail.....i was hoping for my state tax refund...finally..but no luck there. i suppose it will be here eventually. they make it sound like they are doing such a wonderful thing by paying you interest because they were late sending you the refund. well....scott got his yesterday. and what interest did he gain by them sending it to him almost a month late? whoop whoop! fifty-nine cents. he can hardly buy a candy bar with it!!
what did i receive, you ask? well let me just tell you....i received some beautiful Nina necklaces!!!! if you do not know what i'm speaking of, go here :
a few weeks ago, this incredibly talented lady decided to take a trip. to ecuador. by herself. her son is there for a while and i can think of no better reason to visit anywhere than because your child is there, i don't care if it's in the middle of podunk nowhere. anyway...she decided to take a leap of faith and create these beautiful charms, make them into equally beautiful necklaces, and offer them for sale on her blog. make a long story short, it was a hugely smashing success and i was lucky enough to be able to snag 4 of them!!!!! and let me tell you, when i opened my mailbox and saw that box, it was like christmas morning! i giggled like a little girl all the way back to the house, literally danced around (i'm sure the cat thought i'd lost my mind!)...and inside one was a tiny piece of paper with the finest of writing. it was inside the "hope" charm...and it voiced one of my dearest wishes. as she said, they clink with the happiest of sounds when hung together...and when a single one is at my throat it is so calming to touch think of the word on close my eyes and smile at what each word represents. hope...always and in everything and without ceasing. fly...soar to unimaginable heights, be carried by the wind, take that leap of faith. story....from beginning to end, the good and bad, the making of you. my heart, in this place where you can be you. and all of that to say this....anything is possible if you just start. you never know how high you can fly till you test your wings.
and this week, melissa ended up at the hospital again. no baby yet, but she still seems intent upon arriving a bit early. and according to the doctor, that could be anytime....although they are hoping she will stay put for another week at least. melissa is now for all intents and purposes off her feet till baby is here so i am getting in lots of "mason time"! the doctor did confirm from friday's ultrasound that it is, indeed, a girl. thank goodness. no self-respecting little boy would want to come home from the hospital to a room full of ladybugs!! :)
there was also a nibble of interest in the house/land situation...but i'll reserve comments on that for the day when i actually sell the place.
temps here have been 90 or above during the day nonstop for over 2 weeks....humidity so thick you could spoon it up and serve it. summer is for sure and for certain all its glory! thanks heavens for the person who invented air conditioning!

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