Wednesday, June 30, 2010

many things to do

i had a hard time sleeping last night. i'm relatively certain it was the 2 large sweet teas yesterday afternoon...or maybe it was the stack of craft books i piled into bed beside me...but for whatever reason, i am glad i was awake to hear what i heard. first let me say that i truly love the quiet. i'm not one of those who has to have noise...not at all. that said, there was nothing "on" tv, etc., so it was very quiet. and just outside (i'm fairly sure it was right in the front yard!) i heard an owl. it kept hooting for a few minutes, then....there was an answer!...there were 2 of them, talking back and forth...then i think they had an argument because both of them were hooting loud and fast at the same was...should i say it?...i can't help myself, i was A HOOT! :) oohhhh.....bad, i know, but i had to do it!
i have many things to work on these days. things i am trying fast and furious to finish before miss bayly arrives...because they are for her!
and for some reason, about this time of year every year, i drag out the craft books to see what i want to make. now mind you, i have a studio full...FULL, i say....of "stuff to make"...all the parts and pieces and general trinkets necessary to do just about anything i want. i've decided this year to knit tiny little toboggans to use as christmas ornaments. i made the first one is adorable....and i was finished in about 30 min! i have the cutest idea for snowman ornaments....several diffent kinds, actually. i have dozens of miniature kitchen utensils and cookie cutters to make into ornaments. there's fabric to make enough quilted ornaments to do hundreds of trees, tiny little straw and grapevine many things to do. but i am having some difficulty getting motivated to make christmas things when it is hot hot hot in the middle of summer! so i must focus and stay the course, knowing that if i decide to have a craft show in october as i would like, i need to have things finished...and in order to finish, i must start...even if it seems very....very....strange. is beginning to look like i will be taking a trip within the next few oregon with my visit my brother and his family. i truly love it out there.....beautiful scenery, remote wilderness areas...mountains and sea...and family! i look forward to it so much! and then, maybe another trip to maine?....we shall see!
so you see...there really are many things to do! busy hands, happy heart!

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