Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a definition

i know...2 posts in one day....amazing isn't it.
but i had something i wanted to share and was afraid i'd forget later....or decide not to post. anyway......
did you know that live, according to webster, is a verb? no real surprise there i don't think. and if you remember all the way back to elementary school, the first definition listed is the one most commonly used. for some reason today, i've been thinking about the phrase "to live". partly because a good friend is about to go on her Grand Adventure. partly because i am in the process of planning one of those myself, i do believe. perhaps not quite so grand, but an adventure nonetheless. and partly because for some unknown reason i feel very mellow today. anyway...back to the definition.
the primary definition for live is this: to have life; not to be dead. now you can have life..and not be dead....just sitting doing nothing but taking up space. can embrace it as in this quote from helen keller. "life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." live is a verb. to have something, to have life, means to embrace actually reach out and grasp it and do something with it. it is a verb, which necessitates action. life is the important thing that happens from the time of your beginning to the time of your end. it is the story of you. some of the chapters were pre-determined, yes. but not all of them. you are the one constant your actions and reactions, in all of it, you are the main character. it is being written every minute of every day...and you owe it to yourself to do just as it says in webster's: to have life; not to be dead. life is all about action. do something with yours.

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