Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some days

some days you feel like you can change the world....and other days, you wonder how the world managed to change you...without you realizing it was happening. some days you take the time to think about how to get back...how to get back to that place where you used to be you...that place where you were happy...that place where your heart and mind were aligned....and you wonder how you got so lost...what or whom did you follow that got you here....and how do you find your way back to the place where you didn't question yourself, your thoughts, your dreams and wishes...that place where you didn't have to question everyone else because you knew they were sincere. some say it's called your "happy place"...and that may well be true..but that sounds so trite when you're sitting in a place you don't want to be...and you're not so sure at all where you left your heart...go back there...go back to where your heart is...to the place that makes you smile...to the place where you can breathe...where you know it's ok to close your eyes because when you wake up, you will really, truly be there. the most important thing you can ever lose is yourself.

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