Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more on "some days"

yesterday i posted about "some days"...and how you can fall on your can, not knowing what happened or how you got there. let me clarify. in general, i am a happy person. i am satisfied with the majority of my life. but...and this is a big but....every so often an area i am dissatisfied with bubbles up from where i've buried it and makes this huge "POP!" right in my face. kind of like a gas bubble....if you don't mind the analogy. parts of my life have been...not-so-easy, let's say. and because of that, i have become stonger and more independent and vocal than i could ever have pictured myself. i have the strength to do and endure things and face things that i really never wanted to do or endure or face. i have come out on the pretty good end of things, for the most part. but there are also those decisions and choices that i have made that perhaps i made for the wrong reason...or because it was the easy way out since it had been tough enough already. and some days, those regrets just "POP!" in your face...regardless of how happy a person you are or how satisfied you try to make yourself think you are. and sometimes you decide right then and there to do some things differently. in all the day-to-day humdrum of life, sometimes you just wish you could have a re-do on some things...that's the truth of it and if you hear someone say "oh i love my life and there's nothing i would change"...then they are telling a big windy! and if it is within your power to make that re-do happen, then grab at that chance!because some days, the things you wish you could change "POP!" right in your face...and being the strong woman that you are, when that "POP!" goes off inches from your nose and you don't even flinch; you smirk at it and think "that's all you've got?!"....that's when you know you can do whatever you need to do.

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