Tuesday, July 27, 2010


interesting turn of events around here this week. we have a visitor...well actually 2 visitors...we hadn't planned on. that's fine. it's actually good for a lot of reasons. one is here visiting from seattle...and we are ever-so-glad he is here! the other may not be just visiting...last night, he appeared in front of the house....a small calico kitten. i feel certain someone dropped him off. he(or she...?) is so friendly, very acclamated to humans, extremely loving...and very noisy. also a bit thin, so of course i couldn't just leave him/her out there meowing loudly enough to be heard inside above the television (really!)...so i fed the poor thing...and gave it some milk...and played with it for a bit. of course, needless to say, it's still here today...still on the porch, where it has shelter and food. now, understand, i already have an inside cat...sophie...who i do believe is agoraphobic. she has never, as far as i know, set foot outside the house. she won't even go outside if we leave the door standing wide open. and if we pick her up and carry her out she tenses up tight as a drum. this new little guy, on the other hand, tries to get inside every chance he gets...he want to be near people. he and sophie met earlier today...one on the inside of the screen door and one on the outside. the little guy was very friendly...but sophie wanted no part of him. hence, the reason he is still on the porch. i suppose we shall see what transpires over the next few days. i do love my sophie (she's really melissa's cat, but when melissa got married and moved, sophie stayed with me....and ...the rest, as they say, is history)...but this new little guy is a real cutie. i know....he'll need to go to the vet...and i know...it gets expensive....and i know...we already have a bird, a dog and a cat...but this little guy is adorable and sweet as he can be!!! anybody out there need a new friend?

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