Tuesday, August 3, 2010


first, i did find a wonderful home for the wayward kitten. her new name is hyssop and she is doing quite well...the friend who adopted her sent me a pic and she is doing just fine.
second, yes i did delete a post within the past few days. it was very rambling and not one i wish to look back and read myself...and i'm the one who wrote it....so suffice to say, it wasn't very good use of blog space.
but today.....i choose to be positive. i choose to find things that are going well. i choose to see progress, even in the most minute of things...like a piece of cross-stitch i've been working on for a looooong time that i've chosen to pick up and work on again. why be positive? because being negative is dark and it will suck you down into a place that makes you feel heavy and....frowny. not a word, i know, but that's how i look when i'm deep in a dark place....frowny. it is difficult, at best, for happiness to find its way to the top and bubble out. and i do not like that....at all....so, yes, it is a difficult week....but it is also only one week long....and i have too many things to look forward to after this week passes to worry about a little wake someone's boat made that temporarily swamped me. i came up for air and am fine...just fine....and i will stay that way.
i have been able to spend time with mason and bayly this week and that was wonderful! scott is coming home for a few days this weekend and i look forward to that so much! and i am planning a trip...a wonderful, 2 weeks away from home trip...with my dad....to oregon!! i will spend the time with my brother's family....riding a jet boat up the rogue river...visiting crater lake....walking among the redwoods.....seeing the elk....enjoying peace and quiet and 2 weeks of just. being. me. i love wilderness areas...some folks (i'll mention no names, but i live with one of them!!) think i am "weird" because i can go into the woods and find a rock and sit down and do absolutely nothing but look and listen and be perfectly happy. because i can be equally excited over finding a really cool stone or a smooth piece of driftwood or a beautiful shell as i would be a bargain at a mall. i am so looking forward to this trip....

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