Wednesday, August 11, 2010

not feeling crimson burgandy

i know...crimson and burgandy are not the same color...but if i had to put the mood i've been in for the past couple of weeks into a color, that would be it...a combo of crimson and burgandy.
i.e. red. but not today. i haven't chosen my color of the day, but it's not red anymore. perhaps it should be, since it's hot hot hot outside. but today i am spending the day in the air conditioning of my STUDIO. i say those words big and loud, because for the past 2 weeks i have had to keep my things packed up and put away...i have had to give up my space. my studio is also the guest room, and we've had a house guest, so i had to put everything away. i do want to tell you, though, with an evil smile and a snicker, that i was taking boxes out of storage and putting my studio back together before the house guest's plane landed at his appointed destination. :) so i spent most of yesterday setting up....again. but i also found myself just sitting in my rocking chair smack in the middle of it, looking around...smiling...thinking of all i want to do with these beautiful things i have accumulated. and i would close my eyes for a while and just listen to the silence and breathe. and pretty soon, my crimson burgandy began to transform into other colors.....some blue of all shades...some butter yellow...some green....but all beautiful. and today i still feel those colors. last evening as i was in the back yard i saw some things on the ground. my eyes are not i walked over to see what they were. the first yellow leaves, fallen from the poplar tree. there were several of them and it almost made me feel sad to know summer is drawing to a close. but then all i have to do is walk outside where the temperature here today is supposed to be 98 with a heat index of 105....and i can't wait till fall!! there are a number of things i want to ramble about, but today i think i will just soak up the peace and solitude of my studio...surround myself with things i enjoy...and save the rambling for another time. today i am in control. i am empowered by knowledge of what i know to be true. i have direction.

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