Monday, August 30, 2010

taking flight

tomorrow morning, in the very early hours, i board a plane, headed far west as is possible in this great country...all the way to the waters of the pacific. it is, perhaps, not so grand an adventure as some, but for me, this two weeks will be cram-packed full of fun, family and frolic. and it will be most therapeutic; most welcome indeed. we plan a trip to crater lake, my dad, my brother and his family. i have never seen crater lake before....i will photograph redwood trees, get to touch them, stand under them and look up up up, then close my eyes and breathe in new scents. i will see a rocky coastline, with sea lions...their raucous barks completely entertaining. i will ride a jet boat up the rogue river in southern oregon, into wilderness i have never before seen. i will walk on the beach at, most likely, bandon or whiskey head down to see what treasures the sea may have spit forth for me to find...and then, with my head back, the sun on my face, the wind whipping as it usually is. i will eat some of the best seafood ever; the absolute hands-down best chowder, at captains choice....and on the layover in san francisco of course i will purchase sourdough bread! at night i will sleep deeply in the cool cool air...share coffee with family in the mornings...and if history repeats itself, probably show my niece how to knit on a loom...or do some x-stitch...or make some jewelry. i will eat at a delightful little place in coquille where my oldest niece works...having ice cream and burgers i have heard about for a long time....with my mouth watering! i will read in the early mornings and late nights. and i will, i promise i will....take photos to send to you....or possibly even post here, if i can learn how to do that. it's on my things to learn really is! but for now, i must adventure across this great united states is at hand...and i must fly! until next time....hugs! xxoo

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