Tuesday, September 28, 2010


if you look around the edges of this blog, you'll see blue sky and white puffy clouds....which i thought were appropriate for the title of the blog.
today, looking out the window, that is exactly how i see the sky....bright blue and cottony-puffy clouds. it is a welcome difference from the past few days, which have been gray and drippy, although i'll not complain....we have been so hot and dry here this summer, the rain is most needed.
today, i spent some time with my grandchildren, mason (almost 3 years) and bayly (almost 3 months). bayly has the most gorgeous big blue eyes and is just beginning to notice colors and voices and things that move. she is at that "just before" stage of trying to make sounds, trying to blow bubbles, trying to smile, getting excited about what she sees and hears. she will hold up her head and look around...she is the most petite little thing. and she has learned to hold my finger. this is a very good thing....it amazes me how that one action can make everything else ok for just a bit.
mason is absolutely the most handsome little boy on the planet...and i don't have a prejudicial bone in my body!! ;) he is learning so fast, asking questions of everything and everyone, often asking so quickly i don't have a chance to answer one thing before he asks another! he is at the age where he can be reasoned with, where things can be explained...he is so interested in everything going on around him...but he is also learning about consequences and "if...then". and he is at the age where he can tell you everything you want to know in about 30 seconds flat...and you hope you caught everything he said! sometimes i just have to sit there and watch him and shake my head...or laugh. he is an absolute joy...fun and funny, he will give me kisses when i ask (my 27 yr old daughter and 24 yr old son will, too...this also makes me very happy!)....he will hold my hand and hug my neck...and these things also make everything else ok for just a bit.
today we met for lunch...my daughter, melissa...mason and bayly. and it was a very good day.

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