Thursday, October 7, 2010

being careful with words

i know, i's well into the first week of october, fall is in the air, i had wonderful comments and support at my arts and crafts table recently, i am considering re-entering the working many things to write about. but.......i haven't felt like writing anything. i don't feel bad, mind it's just that sometimes, the words that are in my mind that i want to scream out are words that are, in most cases, much better off left right where they are.....flying around in my mind. i talk to myself....and i listen to me. i think...a lot. i close my eyes and listen to the silence. and i think. and i wonder. and i breathe deeply and i question...a lot, i do that. i have so much that i want to say...eventually. but once the words fly out of my mouth, they can never be reeled back in. they can be taken in a way that i didn't intend. and sometimes, if the words that fly out reveal too much, it can change everything. just that fast. i try to remember this. my sister has helped me practice choosing words carefully...she has given me some insight to that quality that i hadn't considered before....sometimes it really is best not to choose any words at all...and she has planted the seed that is growing...the seed that is: sometimes less is best, and nothing is even better. so i am doing a lot of considering. i am trying to see how i feel inside about a number of things. and sometimes, it is truly best to do those things in quiet...with no words. it is most important that we are careful with our before any of mine fly out, i believe i will keep considering and as to make sure what i say is really what i mean. this is true in almost every situation, every relationship, every interaction....the old sayings that come to mind are "choose your words carefully, you may have to eat them later"...."open mouth, insert foot"..."say what you mean and mean what you say. " so for now....i choose quiet. i choose to be careful with my words. there must be a great deal of thinking before i choose to let them fly.

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