Tuesday, November 16, 2010

under a blanket

do you remember how much we used to love being able to "hide" under the blanket and pretend no one knew we were there? today is one of those days. the blanket is outside...the low gray clouds that seem to hover just above the treetops, leaving the smoke from chimneys and the low mist to float around me...almost wistfully. today, i feel just like i did when i would hide under the blanket....then i could pretend no one knew i was there...that no one could see me and i could be in my own little cocoon under that blanket and do what i choose. i just feel that way today. and no, that isn't bad....it's actually a bit of a comfort. it isn't a "down" kind of feeling....more of a feeling that i am in my space...that i like it in that space...that i can do what i want in that space and no one will be the wiser, for in my cocoon, i get to just be. i don't mind that, you see....because i have come to the conclusion that i like me. so what if i want to hide under a blanket sometimes....it just means i want to be sheltered and shielded and warm and cozy with just me. that is not a bad thing. feeling comfortable with yourself is actually a very good thing. liking the person that you are, accepting the person that you are, and embracing her...that's such a wonder. and a blessing. and something to be thankful for. it's as if you find a new best friend. because you know it's ok for you to like yourself just the way you are...

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