Monday, November 8, 2010

smiling at this...all of it

where to start? i suppose the easiest would be chronologically. the past 72 hrs have been....what word is best here?....surreal, uplifting, victorious, validating, comforting....all of the above. in fact, when i think about it...all of it...i still can't help but smile and shake my head....and giggle a little.
this past saturday i had a table at a local crafts festival. i didn't put out all of the things i'd made; i had decided, with input from melissa, to focus on just one main thing this time. so i went primarily with the jewelry, mainly because it's what i had the most of, but i couldn't resist throwing a few "extras" in there...some bookmarks and knitted mini-toboggan christmas ornaments. i am still feeling my way through this process of "putting myself out there" and am always prepared for the worst. this past saturday not only was i welcomed by friends who made the most uplifting comments, but also by those i'd never met who made such comments as: "what jewelry line or company do you represent?" "i made all of this myself" i which point the wonderful lady who asked looked completely flabbergasted and said "oh my gosh you are kidding." that's when the smile started. and later in the day...."are you the artist that created all this?"...and she was talking TO ME!!! to. me. and she used the word artist. that's when the smile was joined by a giggle. and still, i am shaking my head...and smiling...and giggling. i think, in retrospect, perhaps the word i would choose to describe that day would be...victorious. yes, i think so. if you have been reading this space for a bit, then you probably know i have been somewhat less than fully supported in this new venture. hence the smiles...the giggles...the word victorious...and when i came home later that afternoon, many dollars wiser and richer, it was truly a victory. it was energizing and motivating. it was, in short, simply wonderful...or, as the song says..."simply the best." but...............there's more.
some days it takes very little to lift one's spirits. needless to say, mine were already uplifted quite enough, but today was such a good day for such little reasons. first, a little background info. about four years ago i was lucky enough to travel to portland, oregon for the first time. i was the guest of my sister and her family who had traveled there from germany. my niece was on a softball team that was playing in the girls' little league world series there and i went to see her play then went to visit my brother and his family in southern oregon for a week afterward. while in portland, we made a chance stop at a convenience store for snacks before a game. we picked up a bag of chips...krunchers sweet hawaiian onion. oh. my. that turned out to be the absolute best chip i had ever put in my mouth. and sadly, i discovered they weren't sold on the east coast. for four years my mouth has been watering for this chip...and i found here in greensboro!!!! harris teeter carries them......i actually gasped out loud when my eyes caught sight of them on the shelf..and i had a coupon to boot. needless to say they came home with me. and that first bite...oh my goodness, it was as good as i remembered. i. am. happy. but....................there's more.
i have begun my christmas shopping. today i was at target...and yes, i was using coupons. i always use coupons. i bought some things i needed, some things for gifts, etc. i knew i was going to get a $5 target gift card because of one of the purchases and that made me happy indeed. imagine my surprise when the clerk said "you get another gift card. guess how much." "oh, a dollar" i said. "no, try TEN dollars" she replied. so i started with a total for my purchases of over $78, ended up with a bill for only $56 after coupons PLUS $15 worth of gift cards. nice. but.........there's more.
scott is coming home tomorrow for a long vacation. i miss my boy...although he's not a boy any longer...but he'll always be my boy. he always takes some of his vacation the first part of november....the beginning of hunting season, you see. and i can't complain. more than once he has provided meat for our family. so i did some things he will like when he gets here. today i's something i've always loved to do, but for some reason haven't done much of lately ...a blueberry coffee cake...and i found sweet potato pancake mix after quite a lengthy search. few things are better on a fall morning than sweet potato pancakes with pecans...smothered in butter and maple syrup...yum. but.......there's more.
hubby is headed to orlando later this week for 4 days. when he comes home, he leaves the next day for 2 more days out of town. am i happy about this, you ask? well....let's just say it means i will get to spend a lot of time in my studio...without having to think about doing another thing. and i can tell you will be very nice for it to be just me and scott around here for a few days. i miss that. but..............there's more.
thursday is melissa's birthday. how in the world did i get old enough to have a daughter who's 28? it seems it was just last week she was running around outside playing. her most memorable birthday? easy easy to say: when she was 4. months before her birthday she began to tell us she wanted snow for her birthday. we tried to explain that it was too early for snow but she wouldn't have any part of it..."no.'s going to snow for my birthday." and my friends, that child got 2 inches of snow on her birthday!!! and yes, she did say "i told you.".....amazing. i am so looking forward to thursday....scott and i wll go to melissa's, have lunch, play with mason and bayly....of course i will take a birthday cake...what's a birthday without cake?! and....mason will come home with us and get to have a sleepover at grammy's! he's been telling melissa "i miss grammy"...which, of course, makes me smile.....all of it, every single bit of it, is making me smile.

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