Thursday, November 4, 2010

on a rainy day

again, just random things:
i have my new glasses. i can see. the simplest of statements, but a huge improvement for me! they're taking some getting used to, because every time i move my head, things weave and lean and slant, but.....i can see....i no longer have to have my work or my book at the end of my nose in order to see what i'm doing. and that is very nice....very nice indeed...for this past weekend, before my new glasses arrived, husband and i were eating out and this nice lady at a nearby table was texting....her phone was, no exaggeration, at the very end of her nose in order for her to see. and for the first time, i saw what i must look like to others. blind as a bat. ah well. i have my new glasses and for now, all is well. except for this one fact....i had my old glasses for several years and i know they became as much a part of my face as my nose, so one would think when something as prominant as that changes, it would be obvious....well, obvious to some, i suppose. i have had these new ones for 3 days....earlier by a full week than they were supposed to be here...i have had them on my face every moment my eyes have been opened for 3 days...and husband has YET to notice that i have them...or at least he hasn't said anything if he did notice. am i surprised? of course not. i have been filling my time with much more important things.
for example:
i have been gathering branches with which to make a jewelry tree for an upcoming vendor show.
i have been knitting the most adorable little toboggans to use as Christmas ornaments.
i have been keeping a thankfulness journal....and writing in it a lot, as i do have much for which to be thankful.
i have begun Christmas shopping for my grandchildren...and already see i must begin to use some restraint!
i have decided to fire up the old sewing machine, drag out the quilting supplies and get busy on a new project. "only one new project?" you ask. never fear...there are at least 3 more waiting in the wings!
and then there's this:
i have been "in between" about some things...what do you do when you're in between? this thought sprang from a blog i have begun to read rather frequently...a wonderful place. and so i've begun to think about this in between thing....and have discovered it is not a very comfortable place to be. is it the same as indecision? or complacency? what if you're in between the coming and the going...or the truth and that which is not-so-true...or in between here and there...or the good part and the bad part....and worse, what if you don't know exactly what to do about it? or what if you're in (or at) a place where you know what to do but it's not in your power to take that step just yet. because when you take that step, you must know where you are going. you must know what you are going to do. and even though you know for certain which step is right, you just can't do it. yet. i do believe when it is time to take whichever step is right, we will know clearly and for certain and without one bit of doubt or fear that it is time. i do believe while i am in between, i will be patient and positive and keep my hands busy and not worry about the time when i am not in between anymore.

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