Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

First, I can't believe it's Christmas Eve.....that my last post was Dec.1.....that tomorrow is Christmas or that it may snow...I just can't believe it! But it's true....all of it. I didn't finish one of the major projects I'd planned to give this Christmas.....but I did finish a number of smaller ones. So now I have something to work on after Christmas when the lull hits.....or when the snow hits! It will be very nice...oh so nice spend a day sitting in front of the fire quilting, with hot tea and a chick flick. :) yesssss!
But today is Christmas of the most magical of nights....and tomorrow, Christmas Day. It is not happy holidays.
It is not season's greetings.
It is not happy ho ho day.
And although all of those things are important and acceptable, I, for one, choose this:
For today and tomorrow and every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from now on.
For me, it is : MERRY CHRISTMAS. Because I believe. Because I know why I celebrate.
Yes, Santa comes to visit.
Yes, I do hope we all have a happy holiday.
Yes, I do send season's greetings.
And yes, I do wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas,
Full of all the best, full of the joy of life, full of hopes and wishes and dreams
On this day and every day after.

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