Wednesday, January 5, 2011

trying to decide

i'm in the process of trying to decide. i want to share a couple of things and i'm not sure which is the most pertinent to now.
on one hand i want to tell you all about the wonderful thing that happened here the week before christmas. the time i finally stepped out on faith and opened myself and my home to visitors to see and purchase my work. it was successful. it was wonderful. it was uplifting. and i will do it again. and again.
on the other hand i feel pulled toward talking about allowing yourself to_________. you fill in the blank. for me, it would be to find joy. so many things happen to steal our joy, and in some cases we even worry so much about what might happen we stifle what joy we do find. or we allow others to steal our joy. find joy in the little things like a good cup of coffee in the morning...or having time to actually sit down and enjoy it before the day begins..or having a time and place that is just ours for quiet...or the walk to the mailbox....or watching it snow. joy doesn't have to be about winning the lottery...although in truth, that would be awesome. not the whole enchilada, you understand, just enough. but joy in the little shouldn't be that we have to look for it....but sadly, sometimes that is the case. we should practice finding it, taking the time to think about what gives us joy and then seeking that out so as to make each day better for ourselves and in turn, better for those around us. think about what gives you joy. carry that with you in your heart and when faced with a time or a situation that is difficult, look inside and find that joy you've hidden. no one can steal it; it's inside you.
so. how would you finish the sentence? you don't have to tell me. you DO have to be honest with yourself, though. no one needs to know but you. then hide it in your heart and carry it with you....and never, ever forget that you have it.
allow yourself to ____________.

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  1. so glad you made that leap of faith and had your show and that it went well for you. Also saw you snagged one of Ninas pieces today too.