Monday, January 3, 2011

Two Good Words

In an earlier post, I reminded whomever should read this of the importance of two words: thank you.
Today, I would like, in a short, succinct manner, to say that there are two additional words I would say are favorites, and very important to me right now.
Dare: a verb. to be sufficiently courageous; to be brave enough to.
Focus: a noun. a state or condition permitting clear perception
or as a verb: to concentrate attention or effort.
I believe those words will serve me well in the coming year.
What words are empowering to you?


  1. Teaching 2 year grandson to say please and thank you and he is so cute doing it. I found you from your commenting on Ninas blog

  2. Denise, Thanks for dropping by. Hope you visit again soon! :)