Wednesday, March 2, 2011

aahhhh....good morning!

the sun is shining. the sky is blue. as i walk through the yard i see the bulbs beginning to peek above the leaves...some of the bravest have already begun blooming! the yellow bell bush in the backyard is indeed blooming...the birds are at every feeder in the droves...even my beloved bluebirds! also, while walking in the yard, i am keenly aware of something underground...underfoot, in fact. my yard has been plowed..underground. it is truly like walking in a plowed field. moles, voles...whichever has. to. go. yesterday i watched as a chipmunk, moving in liquid brown streaks, explored every single flowerpot on the back deck. he found the birdfeeder dad made for me...climbed right inside and commenced having himself a feast. when he was full, he moved smoothly as water in and over and around my pots of herbs, putting tiny paws on the edge of the taller ones and peeking in to see if he could find anything of interest. this went on for about 15 min and i loved every single minute of it. it made me giggle and smile. i never knew what graceful movements the little critters had!
this morning i awoke a bit earlier than usual thanks to the sounds of nature. that's just fine. except that the culprit (other than jake, my chocolate lab, who seems to know the moment my feet hit the floor) was a woodpecker. and he was making beautiful music on the gutter right above my head. which made jake bark more. it did sound a bit like a machine gun. and once i was up, sophie, my cat, headed straight for the pantry, for she must...MUST have her treats as soon as you walk in the kitchen. even before my coffee. and you know what? i am absolutely fine with all of that. in fact, even as the woodpecker was making his music, i smiled. everything that lives and breathes was awake this morning...early...even me. it made me feel like i was missing something. the sun is shining. the sky is blue. the coffee is good. i am smiling at all of it.

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