Friday, March 11, 2011

so much

there are a number of good things going on that i want to share. but i find it difficult to talk about me, about what's going on with me, when others are going through the unimaginable. some are going through things i have been through, so i know how difficult it really is. i know. i have sit in a seat for what seemed like days, held the hand, listened to the breathing, watched the heartbeat, tried to find something they would eat. i do know...i really do. it wasn't so long ago. and i am so very sorry it is happening to you. i wish i could wrap things in a box with a nice bow and give them to you to use as you need them. things such as strength. hope. laughter. patience. grace. peace. release. if i could give these gifts, i would surely give them to you. i hope you know this is true. i hope you know how many hands there are reaching to help you. and know this as's ok to reach out, grab a hand, and just hang on.
then there are the things of such calamity that i cannot imagine....i would hope and pray none of us ever has to cope the total destruction wrought by the earthquake in japan today. i simply can not think of what that must have your entire world wiped off the face of the earth. to know not where you are or where those you love are or have anything to call your own. there are no words. so you see, i can not talk of me. not today. the important things today are not about me. i can say this, however....lend a hand. reach out. offer help when you see one who needs it. and if you happen to be one who needs it...when it is offered, smile, say thank you, be gracious. then do the same for someone else when you can. not just in regard to the earthquake, but every day. always. it's what we should be doing anyway.


  1. Hi Tina, I found your blog by a happy accident. I came here from a list of blogs on a follower's bio. I like your blog look. It's interesting. I like the quotes and the name of your blog... having felt like I'm always trying to "float" to the top in life myself... and I like what you write.
    I will return to see what else you have to say and how you look at the world.
    A prayer to the people in Japan....

  2. hello there nice of you to stop by! thanks for the kind words. hoping to see you here again soon.