Friday, March 18, 2011

such changes!

one of these days i am going to remember to do the whole before and after thing with photos. i have always thought that is such a cool way to compare and contrast....sorry, sometimes the teacher in me still sneaks out. anyway....i thought, many moons ago, that i would like to do before and after photos of my yard...before spring arrives and after it is in full bloom. is too late to try that this year, for you see, spring is arriving as we speak. yesterday i sat on the deck in the sun. it was warm and relaxing...good medicine. today will be much the same, with clear skies and 80 degree temperatures. winter? hopefully, just a memory. i can sit on the porch and almost watch the blooms open on the bradford pear tree. it will not smell nearly as good as it looks, mind you, but it is nice to look at. the hyacinth blooms are open, crocus open and gone, the red leaves of the japanese maple are starting to show....daffodils blooming along with the forsythia.....oh how glad i am, after this long, gray, snowy winter, to see the colors, the life of spring! perhaps next year i will remember to get the stark gray photos of winter so i can place them beside the glorious colors of spring. before...and after. spring officially arrives this weekend. let all that is in the earth stretch, breathe, grow....let the colors of spring splash the canvas of the earth...welcome spring. i have missed you so.

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  1. Acceptance of Winter's starkness is what makes Spring so wonderful. If there was no contrast, it wouldn't be the same. Camera or no camera, life is "springing" forth and it's lovely.
    I usually forget to take before and after photos too but I've been trying to take a picture, every day, of a daffodil that is opening up in my garden. Today a storm is moving in and I'm hoping the flower survives. Even when you plan ahead it doesn't always work. Mother Nature is a fickle lady, especially in Spring.
    I sit under my Bradford Pear too and wonder at the beauty of blossoms and the renewal of life. It's it grand?...