Tuesday, May 3, 2011


my goodness....it's May already and i wasn't finished with April yet. it seems to me that the more i have to do (i.e.cram into a day) the faster time passes. it seemed like a good idea a while back when i was approached by a tremendously supportive family member who asked me if..no, TOLD ME.....that i would have a spot at a local spring event on May 7...because i did it last year and yes, i would do it again this year. be there by 7 a.m. to set up. sure. and then.....i was approached by a friend...actually 3 friends....who "suggested" (strongly and incessantly) that i do the local school's spring fling...on May 7. i found it difficult to say no, since this is the same school i taught at for 27 years....so it seems that this coming saturday i have 2....TWO craft events. luckily the school event is from 4-7 and a full 5 minutes drive from the first event. so i will be "crafting" from dark to dark this coming saturday. the one who lives here with me is less than pleased. i am thrilled. :)
i have been working down at the little house some...and about that whole issue, i am the one who is less than pleased....and that is putting it very mildly. but even through my....varied feelings about this....i am starting to feel some anticipation...a tingle of excitement in the fact that i have grabbed the bull by the horns and not backed down from what i know is right. if no one else here will stand for me, then i will stand for myself. i am making lemonade of the lemons, so to speak. i am proving to myself, yet again, that i can rely on that lady i see in the mirror. and although the circumstances surrounding my choices lately have been less than stellar, i am feeling a resurgence of strength i haven't felt in a long time. because i know i can do what needs to be done. because i know my own strength and determination. because through every step of my life, even through times when i felt oh-so-very-less-than-strong i have been bouyed by friends and family and the knowledge that no matter the circumstance, i was not alone. and i must say this, as well....i believe i have been cradled the whole time in the every-so-gentle hands of a loving God. and in that knowledge, i know i will be just fine.

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