Tuesday, April 26, 2011

finally back to this

hello! it's been such a long time since i posted, i'm not even sure what i've written about and what i haven't!! let's see....
i decided not to do the burlington farmer and crafter's market for a number of reasons, but other opportunities are beginning to open up so i think that will turn out ok. i have 2 shows coming up on may 7...yes..2 in one day!!
dad spent some time in the hospital...nothing serious...gall bladder surgery, but at 78 it's taken him a while to bounce back. he seems to be doing quite well now.
i'm in the process of beginning to turn my little house...which STILL has not sold...(grrrr).....into my working space...yes, i know...it's called a studio. since i'm making payments on it anyway i may as well make it work for me. and it seems the space i've been using here, i'm being booted out of...and i LIVE HERE!!!...what?! yep. i'm beginning the process of organizing and boxing up and packing and vacating the space i have been using for almost 4 years and thought i would be able to continue to use....not so, apparently. and since no suggestions or directions or answers to my question "Exactly where is it you want me to put my things so i can work?" have come forth, i see no other option but to find my own space. that's about when the light bulb came on and i realized "Dummy...you HAVE a space that you already own and are paying for!!" now granted, the "space" here was one of the upstairs bedrooms, but i was hoping...well, anyway....without going into tremendous detail, suffice to say a stepson is moving back here. without wife. without job. with habits i may not be able to abide. perhaps the fact that the little house never sold was, in fact, a blessing in disguise. so.....my little house will soon become my studio, it appears. it will remain for sale......and one day...ONE DAY.....i will be on the mountain. ah, life's little twists and turns. for the record, this is not what i envisioned for myself...for the right now or for the immediate future. but it may, in fact, turn out to be the very best thing that could happen....in a very round-a-bout kind of way.


  1. You just never know what is in store for the future.
    Go with it for a while and maybe things will be discovered that you didn't know about. Life is funny in an odd sort of way.
    I love the "anonymous" saying on your side line.
    "The challenge is not to win but to conquer the fear. It's not the other people you have to beat, it's yourself."


    Find and seize your own "space" sweetie.

  2. :) you are most encouraging, farmlady...thank you for that. :)