Friday, April 1, 2011

pardon me...and movin' on

just a quick note to apologize. i'm finished with venting....i'm sure you're glad to hear that after the rant of last week. i'm into the thinking mode now, which is much more quiet and orderly. i'm finding that works much better for me. so....movin' on to other things.... i've begun making fabric necklaces that i think will be pretty cool for spring and summer. i'm working on bookmarks and keychains again as well. the next few weeks hold much activity...babysitting the grands, spending some time with Dad since he has surgery scheduled for Wed...didn't really plan on that, but it is what it is.....getting ready for a women's retreat next weekend...making as many things as i can in the time i do have to spend in the studio since i have 2 shows coming up, plus the crafters mall...and i still haven't sent in the application on that......have you ever heard of anyone that needed a vacation from retirement?!

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