Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's been a while

hello. perhaps it's been so long since i posted that no one comes here to read anymore...not that many people did to begin with....but nevertheless, here i am...still plugging along.
change has come to live with me, and it appears it intends to stay a bit. after a while, one comes to the point of "oh very well then, change, go ahead and do what you must". and it does. but in the case of me, i have taken a step back, to watch...to listen...to learn. and perhaps change will not be so bad. i have made some choices.
to stand strong. to use my words in confidence, with truth. to face fear and not back down. to acknowledge what is good and right and own that because it lives in me. to refuse to accept wrong. to do what i need to do....just for me, because that is important enough.
with change, i learned. i became strong in ways i hadn't planned...and it felt good. it still feels good...because i don't think change is quite finished yet. no matter....there are many things i cannot do...but ever-so-many more that I CAN.

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